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Internships for doctors

We coordinate professional internships and training for medical staff in clinics in Israel

Treatment in Israel

We specialize in comprehensive organization of medical trips to Israel

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Israeli medicine in Europe

We are implementing the latest achievements of Israeli medicine in Poland

Our mission is comprehensive healthcare protection for you

Foundation Board

Elena Malt


Rita Tagger

Vice President

Marek Szczukowski


About the EMAS Foundation

The main goal of the EMAS Foundation is international health protection and promotion.

The EMAS Foundation is an organization that specializes in the comprehensive organization of medical trips to Israel and the coordination of professional internships and training for medical staff in clinics in Israel. The foundation is a partner to more than 20 renowned public and private clinics and medical centers in Israel. We collaborate with over 200 doctors, including world-renowned Israeli specialists.

Israel is known for its achievements in the field of medicine and medical innovation. In Israel, patients have access to the latest medical advancements and the opportunity to be treated by the best specialists.

The main focus of the foundation's activities is medical tourism. We offer comprehensive organization of trips for medical treatment in Israel. We assist in booking flights, provide airport transfers to the clinic, and arrange accommodation for patients and their caregivers. We also coordinate the entire treatment process, ensuring the care of doctors and medical staff throughout the patient's stay in Israel.

The EMAS Foundation operates with patients and their health in mind. Thanks to us, patients have access to the best specialists and the latest medical advancements. Our mission is to provide patients with full support and assistance in their difficult times. We believe that our work contributes to improving the health of patients and increasing their chances of a healthy life.

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