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EMASMED closely collaborates with over 20 public and private clinics and medical centers in Israel. Additionally, we partner with more than 200 physicians, including top Israeli specialists with a global medical reputation. We serve as intermediaries in finding the best possible medical care for you, meaning we will match you with the appropriate specialist without any compromises. Furthermore, we provide a comprehensive all-inclusive service package. We are your concierge for every aspect of your medical treatment in Israel.

A detailed payment schedule will be provided by EMASMED’s representative in Poland. The initial consultation and qualification for specific treatment or analysis of results are completely free of charge.

Citizens of the EU, UK, and USA, based on a visa-free agreement, do not need a visa.

Patients at EMASMED choose their primary care physician in advance. What’s unique about our service is that our doctors are almost always professors who lead departments.

In Israel, most of the COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, including the requirement to wear protective masks in enclosed public spaces. However, there is still an obligation to maintain strict hygiene and to keep a minimum distance of 2 meters from others. While in Israel, it is essential to adhere to the recommendations of the local health and epidemiological authorities.

Additionally, as of October 9, 2022, there is no longer a requirement to fill out a location form. It is still necessary to have health insurance covering the costs of COVID treatment. It is advisable for the policy to also cover potential expenses related to quarantine in a designated facility.

Unfortunately, unscrupulous intermediaries are not uncommon. It happens that scammers impersonate representatives of other leading Israeli clinics. To avoid fraud, follow the recommendations below:

1. Check if the website contains reviews from real patients. Video reviews are preferred, as they are very difficult to fake.
2. Look for the company’s address in Israel on the website. You can easily verify if the address is genuine and what is located there using Google Maps.
3. When communicating with us in Poland, part of the service may include a consultation with a local medical doctor whose identity is easily verifiable. The medical consultants at EMASMED in Poland are highly experienced individuals who have had the opportunity to directly verify the quality of clinics in Israel.

At the airport and during all diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, you will be accompanied by a medical coordinator-translator. Together, we plan every aspect of your trip even before leaving Poland to avoid any unforeseen situations. If anything surprises you, it will only be in a positive way.

Most clinics have dedicated medical hotels with a very high standard on their premises. Booking accommodation for patients and accompanying individuals is often an integral part of our service.

When traveling to Israel, you can bring no more than 100,000 shekels (~30 000 USD) in cash with you without declaration to customs.

Certainly, although it naturally depends on the patient’s health condition. Patients treated at clinics cooperating with EMASMED receive a program of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. They can plan their sightseeing activities in advance on their free days. Additionally, we can assist in organizing leisure time.

How to get to treatment - STEP BY STEP

1) Contact and Information Transfer

After contacting our company and familiarizing ourselves with the medical condition, we will refer you to an appropriate clinic in Israel that specializes in the specific medical issue. The patient sends their medical history (X-rays, relevant laboratory tests, etc.) directly to the chosen clinic. The medical history should be up-to-date and contain information about the patient’s current condition.

2) Treatment Plan Development

After receiving the medical documentation, doctors at the chosen clinic in Israel are assigned to jointly diagnose and analyze the condition. Based on the medical diagnosis, an individual treatment plan is developed for each patient. This plan is provided to the patient along with a price offer for the comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation process.

3) Travel and stay

After obtaining formal consent from the patient for the treatment plan, our staff in Poland will work with the patient to arrange convenient dates for the entire process. At this stage, we provide comprehensive assistance in resolving all organizational matters related to travel and stay in Israel, including:

  • Trip preparation,
  • Accommodation in Israel,
  • On-site transportation,
  • On-site care (including translation services).

4) Post-Treatment Care

Po zakończeniu leczenia i powrotu do Polski klinika w Izraelu jest w stałym kontakcie z pacjentem w celu monitorowania procesu jego rekonwalescencji.

Examples and methods of treating diseases in Israel

Cancer treatment

Wskaźnik przeżywalności pacjentów leczonych na nowotworóww Izraelu jest jednym z najwyższych na świecie


Thanks to equipment and technology unavailable in other countries, Israeli clinics treat a wide range of orthopedic conditions

Wymiana stawów

Innovative technologies and highly durable prosthetics with a lifespan of up to 30 years


Today, Israeli medicine is capable of effectively addressing virtually all diseases of the urological and reproductive system

Gastrointestinal surgery and gastro-oncology

New technologies and treatment methods

Gynecology and gynecologic oncology

Effective treatment of all types of gynecological diseases and enabling motherhood for women

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of patient

We know how important a quick response is in the case of oncological diseases